Live Shows In December 2007
Dave / Season's End, Thursday 27th September 2007

Three shows have been booked for December 2007. One or two more may appear but a full tour is not expected for some time. 2007 has been a quiet year for Season's End as far as live appearances go so some great crowds are wanted!

Saturday 8th December 2007 - The Dames Of Darkness Festival, Stourbridge, UK
Thursday 13th December 2007 - Guildford, UK
Friday 14th December 2007 - Alton, UK

For more information see the Live page.

Live Shows In December 2007

September's YouTube Video Blog
Dave / Season's End, Sunday 2nd September 2007

The third video blog from Season's End is now up on YouTube. This episode features various clips taken over the Summer of 2007 whilst writing and recording demos for Season's End's second album. The video contains plenty of previously unheard and brand new music.

Also on the channel:
Video Blog 2: Bloodstock Open Air 2006
Video Blog 1: Paradise Lost support show, June 2007
'Ghost In My Emotion' video
'Ascension' DVD trailer

The next episode will be uploaded on 1st October 2007 and will feature footage shot on the band's Easter 2006 tour.

Visit the YouTube page here:

Official YouTube Channel
Dave / Season's End, Wednesday 1st August 2007

Today, the second monthly video blog was released on YouTube. This episode features live clips of Nothing After All, Celestia and Angel Garden, taken from the band's performance at Bloodstock Open Air festival, Derbyshire on Saturday 15th July 2007. There are also snippets of the signing session and various other backstage idiocy.

The first episode, released 1st July 2007, features clips from the live show on Monday 18th June 2007 at the Nexus in Southampton, supporting Paradise Lost. There are also snippets of rehearsals, soundcheck and various other bits & pieces.

The next episode will be uploaded on 1st September 2007 and will centre around the current writing and demo-ing process for album number two.

Also on the channel are the 'Ghost In My Emotion' promotional video and the trailer for Season's End's debut DVD, 'Ascension'.

Vist the YouTube page here:

Season's End Out of 2006
Season's End, Sunday 18th March 2007

In early 2007, Season's End and drummer / founding member Paul White parted ways due to a build up of personal and musical differences. Keep an eye on Paul's activites via his MySpace page here. In the words of Mr. White:

"I've been in the band since it began back in 1998. I've had some ruddy bloody good times and achieved some ruddy bloody cool things. But I feel that myself and the rest of the band are pulling in two very different musical directions. So the time has come to hang up my (very sweaty) Season's End drumming boots and move on to pursue other things.

"I'd like to thank everyone who has supported the band and I over the years and helped us achieve so much. You've all been awesome! THANK YOU!"

Season's End Out of 2006

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