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Sunday 9 October 2005

‘Female Voices of Metal Festival 2005’

The Peel, Kingston

Other Bands

Mercury Rain, Crimson Altar, Liquid Sky and Crimson Tears


AGL Promotions in association with Peelmuzik

Live Review in London Rock Daily, October 2005
These guys (and ladyee) are tighter than Hasslehoff?s trunks, more rocking than a geology lecture and deeper than a fucking Keats anthology. Their songs boast choral soundscapes that pave the way for the... (8 out of 10, Kate Hutchinson) [View the full article]

Live Review in Headbanger's Heaven, October 2005
Another evening spent at The Peel and once again it was worth the time and money. First thing I have to mention is ?5 to see five excellent bands is one hell of a bargain, secondly; each and every band... (Alex "The Grim" Hayyez) [View the full article]

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