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emma [website]

cause i wanw b a chav goth

midlands, Wednesday 18th o October 2006 at 7:35pm [reply]


gook for tonite.see you in southampton and london

portsmouth, Wednesday 18th o October 2006 at 3:47pm [reply]

rubber duckie

seen you guys at a few gigs bow... you seem pretty cool. :)

portsmouth, Monday 2nd o October 2006 at 1:35pm [reply]

jack skully [website]

its good to see u are returning to wolverhampton,i bought my tickets first day they were out ,just to make sure,see u in oct ,jack

wolverhampton, Saturday 30th o September 2006 at 4:38am [reply]

TemplarOfSteel [website]

Hey guys! I'm bringing an army of metal warriors to your gig on October 23rd. It's gonna kick major ass! We'll be the drunk guys in the front row with donuts and pie.

London, Thursday 31st o August 2006 at 9:44pm [reply]


Hey, I really like the samples on your site! Great work...I'll be buying some of your stuff!

Near Tadley, Hampshire, UK, Saturday 26th o August 2006 at 9:40pm [reply]

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