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mark [website]

Hi were a band from Manchester called Sakurai, were looking to put some gigs together for 2004 and wondered if you guys wanted to gig swap. Musically were very original but were influenced by Tool, deftones, Snot, Glassjaw, Jeff Buckley, Refused, Soundgarden, Pearl, Jam, we,ve supported Martin Grech, Sikth, Beecher, I def I, Djevera, Inertia Rise, Opiate, Caroline Alexander, etc , if your interested in gig swapping send us an email and well make it so, thanks for your time.

Manchester, Thursday 4th o December 2003 at 2:04pm [reply]


holy shit! the last time i looked you up i am sure the line up was somewhat different. Anyway good to see you are still going, if i had known you were in winch last week i would have come, nevermind. Helenxx

Wednesday 3rd o December 2003 at 9:48pm [reply]


Thanks for the great gig on Friday, I keep on trying to email you but my computer logs me off all the time! :( If you do have my email in your inbox, please reply, I'd be entirely grateful :)

Hampshire, Wednesday 3rd o December 2003 at 9:00pm [reply]

Dave [website]

Welcome to the Season's End guestbook. Please leave your mark!

Monday 1st o December 2003 at 7:17pm [reply]

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