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Mike Bridge - Bass

Birthdate:  18th May 1987

Musical Background:  Not a lot really, started out in a punk band called Drunk Plumber, then a power metal band Kaisier and now im here!

Other Interests:  Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Anything that involves a plank and high speeds.

Gear:  Ibanez SR506, Ashdown Amp, Wireless Goodies, Generally a beer or 2

Best Qualities:  My brain for thinking stuffs.

Likes:  Autumn, Mountains, Sweden, people called Dave

Dislikes:  Wind, Waking up, Going to bed

Favourite Books:  Pratchett, Jordan, Abnett, Black Library publishing

Favourite Musicians:  Jorn Lande, Kai Hansen, Bartok, Hansi Krush, Magnus Karlsson, Jorn Viggo Lofstad, Kip Winger, Van Halen

Favourite Songs:  Millenium Sun - Angra, Nightfall - Blind Guardian

Favourite Movies:  Interview with a Vampire, Sweeny Todd, LOTR, Labyrinth

Favourite Actors:  Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp

Favourite Drinks:  Desperados! French beer from France

Best Live Gig:  Scorpions' million hour set at Wacken '06

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Last updated 12th o April 2008

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