Room Thirteen live review, September 2005
Live at The Assembly Rooms, Derby, Saturday 3rd Sept 2005 as part of Bloodstock
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"Second Success For Season's End"

England's very own Season's End graced Bloodstock festival last year in the Darwin Suite, and recently played at Birmingham's Thirteenth Day festival. Finally, it's time for the english melodic metal sextet to claim their rightful place; the Bloodstock main stage.

A brand new intro leads us into "Nothing After All", taken from the debut album "The Failing Light". What's special about this start is the pyro explosions in the background. The sound is absolutely spot on, and their previous festivals have paid off; there's a far stronger sense of professionalism and experience here. Daryl Kellie and David Stanton, Season's End's guitarists have lost their static stage prescence and have really begun to interact with the crowd, while frontwoman Becki Clark's vocals have come on tenfold since their last show.

Even more exciting was the inclusion of two non-album tracks, especially the final song "Into The Flames", which was received with rabid enthusiasm from the crowd. However, the biggest cheer of the day was reserved for "Ghost In My Emotion", the flagship track from the album.

It's very, very impressive when a band playing such an early set draw one of the biggest crowds of the weekend, and even more impressive when you consider it's only been a year since they first graced Bloodstock. The impromptu solo sections between drummer Paul White and bassist Tom Nicholls were an excellent variation unique to the Bloodstock show, and overall a suprisingly numerous crowd were treated to a home-grown melodic treat. Here's to them making it three years in a row at the 'stock!

12 out of 13

Mike Paxman of Room Thirteen

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