Taken from the album The Failing Light

In spite of all these things that I could never have,
I've seen a distant light inside?

With eyes of hope I've drowned myself,
An angel's tear on my shoulder stained.
Others' sorrows cut me deeper,
And yet my own laments leave me drained.

And in the waning light,
I saw my angel take first flight.
Dried up and entwined in my soul,
My life, the one thing that I can't control.

Lost in the fog of my fears,
My eyes welled up silver, I drowned in my tears.
Scarred with a pain that stems from my mind,
Ascensions to Heaven leave me behind.

She left me, left me in despair.
I can see I'm alone in here.

I cannot suffer a tortured life,
All I dared to love is dying.
From a haunted sleep she calls to me,
And now I wake to find her gone.
My life a dream.

Stay with me?

Lyrics by Season's End

Debut Album
The Failing Light

The Failing Light

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