Kerrang! live review, April 2005
Live at Junktion 7, Nottingham, Saturday 12th March 2005 with Liquid Sky and Captive Audio

"Female-Fronted Metal Tour Hits Nottingham"

When we talk of a new wave in female-fronted metal, the bands that spring to mind first are Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. The wider effects, however, are being felt at all levels as this so-called Femme Fatales tour, a collective of unsigned British talent, ably proves. Forget those bands still resorting to nu-metal - this current movement is about poise, drama and masses of musical talent.

Whatever the onstage problems suffered by Season's End, their sound out front is panoramic. Having been hailed as the British Nighwish, their more progressive take on power metal, realised through swathes of keyboards and highly technical arrangements, makes them a striking proposition. Becki's vocal purity provides an apposite contrast to the surging guitars, and 'Ghost In My Emotion' is an emotive aria. In metal, real beauty is a precious find.

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4 out of 5

Steve Beebee of Kerrang!

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