Get Ready To Rock live review, September 2004
Live at Stripes, Brentford, London, Friday 27th August 2004 with Intense
[Get Ready To Rock]

A chance to catch two UK metal acts before next week's Bloodstock festival up at Derby, Season's End are a six piece fronted by the very talented Becki Clark on vocals and play a hard edged style of goth metal. Their album 'The Failing Light' is well worth tracking down and live the music steps up a rack in the hardness and fullness of the band's sound.

My personal favorate track on the album, 'Touch' started the set of mixing a pounding rhythm and heavy riffing topped of with Becki Clark's soaring vocals. Full credit to her, as many female vocalists I've heard live just can't rise above a full metal assault (bar Doro Pesch of course!) Other album tracks getting an airing in the tight and compact 45 minute set were 'One Sadness', 'Nothing After All' and 'A Ghost In My Emotion' which rounded the set of nicely. Good also to see a metal act using keyboards and as a lead instrument rather than just intros only like many acts do.


If you are off to Bloodstock next weekend go see both these band's as I guarantee you won't be disappointed and you can witness some of the best metal the UK has on offer at the moment.

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