Metal Pigeon live review, August 2004
Live at The Railway Inn, Winchester, Friday 20th August 2004 with Vallen Brosa
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Headliners Season's End did not disappoint next, although it's surprising that they managed to fit onstage! Drummer Paul's kit was an absolute beast and after he arranged himself, there were five more members to squeeze onstage! But anyway, it was obvious that this was the band that pulled in the crowd as 30 more people barged through the door when the first chord was attacked.

It's hard to place Season's End; a quality I'm sure they'd like to uphold. They combine an emotive, moody infrastructure with an almost operatic melody courtesy of vocalist Beki. It's an odd combination, but one that certainly does the trick and gets the crowd head banging and imaginary pole dancing alike as well as promoting a gothic-like ambience.

It's debatable as to whether image is important for a band, but in Season's End's case, their all-black gear and long hair established them as undeniably gothic in appearance. However, their music incorporated definitive rock drumming with metal-edged guitars and a synthesizer a la HIM, adding extra depth to their set, which challenges the pigeonhole of goth-rock. Think Evanescence but without the pop.

Classically trained Beki's voice angelically soared above the dark instrumentals (think Tool but with more structure) complimented by Legolas' (woah!? - Lord Of The Rings loving ED) backing vocals in "Nothing At All", whilst their drummer Paul did some serious foot pedalling. Actually, their guitarist isn't called Legolas, but with his gorgeous long blond hair anyone could be fooled.

The highlight of Season's End set was their catchiest song "A Ghost In My Emotion," taken from their debut album "The Failing Light"- a favourite with their fans. Beginning with a spooky riff and ominous drumming, later subsiding into a soprano female chorus before catapulting into some serious corrugated riffage with Beki and David's (Legolas) voices harmonising perfectly. What Beki lacks performance-wise the rest of the band more than make up for, with their dramatic hair flicks and rock god poses that signify they are destined for bigger (and possibly more chilling things). Catch the metallers at the Bloodstock Festival from the 3rd-4th September.

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