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PowerPlay Magazine live review, September 2005

Live at Electrowerkz, Islington, London, Saturday 21st May 2005 with Rotting Christ

I've never encountered Season's End before but their stylish, mature, sophisticated melodic metal made for a pleasing start to the evening's entertainment. Their sound was lush and luxuriant, swathed in keyboards but still retaining enough drive and... [View this article]

Rocker's Digest live review, May 2005

Live at The Underworld, Camden, London, Monday 7th May 2005 with Panic Cell, FourWayKill, Reckless Tide and Warchild

When there's a few bands playing it always seems that at least one band suffers from technical difficulties and tonight that fell upon Season's End. Opening song Touch was blighted by problems with the issue seemingly with Becki Clark's monitors which... [View this article]

Metal Monk UK live review, April 2005

Live at Fibbers, York, Sunday 27th March 2005 with Liquid Sky and Captive Audio

Now Season's End. Although the set opened and didn't immediately take me by storm (just a few minor tweaks with the keyboard and a slightly louder guitar would've done the trick), it soon swept me up. By the second song I was already planning on giving... [View this article]

Kerrang! live review, April 2005

Live at Junktion 7, Nottingham, Saturday 12th March 2005 with Liquid Sky and Captive Audio

When we talk of a new wave in female-fronted metal, the bands that spring to mind first are Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. The wider effects, however, are being felt at all levels as this so-called Femme Fatales tour, a collective of unsigned British talent,... [View this article]

Headbanger's Heaven live review, October 2005

Live at The Peel, Kingston, Sunday 9th October 2005 with Mercury Rain

Season's End were the icing on the cake, I remember back to when this band were hardly known and since then they have had a ton of experience with plenty of shows and a spot at Bloodstock 2005 and all of that experience showed as they delivered a solid... [View this article]

Room Thirteen live review, September 2004

Live at The Assembly Rooms, Derby, Friday 3rd September 2004 as part of Bloodstock 2004

If you've heard the Season's End debut album, "The Failing Light" you'll know what's in store for people planning on seeing the band live in the near future. With Becki Clark providing vocals, they're a wonderful addition to the Bloodstock line-up which... [View this article]

The Dutch Progressive Rock Page live review, September 2004

Live at The Assembly Rooms, Derby, Friday 3rd September 2004 as part of Bloodstock 2004

I saw them play the week before in Brentford and was really impressed. Here again they played a good set, comprising 4 tracks from their debut CD The Failing Light and also featuring 2 new songs. The Darwin Suite room was pretty full and the majority... [View this article]

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