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Room Thirteen interview with Season's End, September 2005

Interview with Becki Clark, David Smith and David Stanton of Season's End

RoomThirteen caught up with Becki Clark, David Stanton and Dave Smith from British metallers Season's End at Bloodstock 05 to find out about playing live, their music and their future plans. [View this article]

Fireworks - The Melodic Rock Magazine interview with Season's End, June 2005

Interview with David Smith and Becki Clark of Season's End

"Unfortunately there?s nothing interesting about the origin of ?Season?s End? as a name ? it?s simply the fact that one of our former band members, Tim Hull, liked the common phrase and suggested it, and it stuck. We?re still happy with the name ? it both suits the style of music we play and also doesn?t give any preconceptions to those who haven?t heard us.? [View this article]

Room Thirteen interview with Season's End, November 2004

Interview with Becki Clark, Tom Nicholls and David Smith of Season's End

Becki, Dave and Tom discuss Season's End's Bloodstock 2004 performance and subsequent Femmes Fatales plans, Nightwish, Plans post-Failing Light, the SE sigil, their fans and their live shows. [View this article]

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