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Album review in Metal Whore, December 2005

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A fairly new band on the UK goth-metal scene... making some refreshing waves... with their atmospheric music.... using both male and female vocals (mainly female vocals) ... the songs are very cool sounding and fit this time of the year for me.... got the front door open... sun is setting in the WesTexaS sky... they remind me of Fates Warning actually.... just something about some of the more metal parts that do that for me.... and I dig Fates Warning so that's good.... I'm not sure how to describe this but its good I can say that without question.... and refreshing for me personally to get to review something like this as its actually 'different' from a lot of the stuff I review on a regular basis.... great musicians, great recordings, production, packaging...etc.. No tracks to skip through... all the songs are worth checking out..... makes me headbang when the heavy parts come in... makes me wanna load my pipe when the trippy atmospheres take over again... its finely balanced between those things and some classical stuff, piano, keyboards, & more all add to this making it a damn good cd, at least in my opinion.

The video for 'Ghost In My Reflection' is also pretty diggable.... homechick is cool looking being so pretty and then you see her all headbanging and shit... kick ass... makes me horny.... gotta love the hot metal chicks man... they own your sack.

. If your into metal mixed with pretty female vocals.... then for fucks sake check this band out. They will most likely get a hold of you with these truly catchy memorable songs.... professional stuff... and still new to the game... no telling what they will go on to do in the future.... watch out for'em.

8 out of 10

Rabishu of Metal Whore

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‘The Failing Light’

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