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Album review in Zero Tolerance, November 2005

[Zero Tolerance]

I've been lucky enough to catch Season's End's mesmerising, atmospheric metal live on several occasions recently and had been looking forward to hearing this album. Happily, I am able to report that it lives up to everything I had hoped for. Becki Clark's voice is just as affecting and enthralling, while the melodies and textures woven by David Stanton's guitars can be even more readliy appreciated. There are moments of genuine beauty throughout The Failing Light and a depth which so many bands considered of a similar ilk lack. Even at this early stage of their career, Season's End are producing accomplished songs of stunning maturity. The Failing Lightis a compelling album that delivers much and promises even more.

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4 out of 5

Chris Kee of Zero Tolerance

Debut Album
‘The Failing Light’

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