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Album review in The Darkest Hours, October 2005

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British's Season's End re-issued their 2004 album in a beautiful digipack format and added a cool video clip for the amazing track 'Ghost in my emotion'. This is atmospheric gothic at its best! Clean male vocals and operatic angelic female vocals that will make you dream if you close your eyes. They both got huge emotions emerging from their voice. That's beautiful! This is the word that is coming to my mind when I think about Season's End. If you like melancholy and beautiful landscape, this album will stick in your CD player for a while! With the good production, it just help to love em more. Fans of Within Temptation, Brave (Dark Symphonies) and the likes you probably enjoy. What cool about them is the fact that even if it's gothic they didn't forget to include some up-tempo groove so don't expect only a slow record. It's well balance but the focus is on the atmosphere. The dark atmosphere of Season't End!

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80 out of 100

Patrick Dumas of The Darkest Hours

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