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Live review in Metal Monk UK, April 2005

Live at Fibbers, York, Sunday 27th March 2005 with Liquid Sky and Captive Audio

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Tucked away in the dainty streets of York, lies Fibbers: A seemingly typical 'alternative' bar with an impressive line-up of better-than-your-average performers. And tonight was no exception.

The Bloodstock Organised 'Femme Fatale' tour rolled into York and began in the form of Captive Audio. This bass-riff driven 3-piece group were more heavy rock than metal, but beautifully female fronted they were. They were definitely a worthy warm up act, with their pop styled melodies and heavy guitars creating an amicable sound that passed the time nicely. There was enough variation in songs to keep me interested throughout - so a fairly solid performance. [6]

Next up were Liquid Sky - Definitely more in the metal mould, elegantly fronted by vocalist Hecate, this 6-piece band also had an impressive repertoire, with the track 'Buried At Last' standing out for me. My main criticism of the band was that not all of the six seemed particularly necessary. The two main guitarist's roles could easily have been combined by a more skilled guitarist, as the keyboardist filled in all the necessary virtuosity. But - minor quibbles aside - they provided a good set, and a few memorable moments. [7]

Now Season's End. Although the set opened and didn't immediately take me by storm (just a few minor tweaks with the keyboard and a slightly louder guitar would've done the trick), it soon swept me up. By the second song I was already planning on giving their set an 8 - for reasons that developed throughout the set: Their impressive style of composition means that every song is as different as the last, and goes through a number of different styles comfortably before your very ears. The band - as a whole - were superb - and each and every one of them appeared to be playing very tightly and with complete ease. Of particular note was the drummer (Paul White) who managed to navigate the band clearly throughout the various tempo changes that the songs involved.

Altogether, the bands stage presence was immaculate for their style. Hats off to their stage technician for creating a light/wind/smoke show worthy of a much larger concert. The band really looked at home on the stage, and it was so easy for me to picture them at bloodstock later this year doing the same awesome job.

My one criticism was that - towards the end of the set - I was tired from their exhilarating set, which involved many a twist and turn of style/tempo/character, and my metal heart was crying out for one anthemic track to round it all off.

Fortunately, my luck was in, and the band concluded their set with Ghost In My Emotion, which lived up to every promise it gave off the album, and was an awesome finish to an awesome set. Make sure you don't miss Season's End on the mainstage at Bloodstock this year!

9 out of 10

Daniel Stead of Metal Monk UK

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