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Live review in Metal Pigeon, September 2004

Live at The Assembly Rooms, Derby, Friday 3rd September 2004 as part of Bloodstock 2004

[Metal Pigeon]

Picture the scene: the band walks on stage. There are six members: a female vocalist, a keyboardist, two guitarists (one of whom is also a vocalist), a bassist and drummer. They play gothic rock. Sound familiar at all? Yeah, I thought of Lacuna Coil too. But apparently they aren?t influenced by them, they just happen to sound similar. But enough of that, who they sound like isn?t important; it?s how good they are that counts. And they are good. All the tracks tonight came from their debut album ?The Failing Light? (I think), and they?re all pretty long, I think the shortest was six minutes. Particular highlights were ?Into The Flames? and the slower-paced ?One Sadness?, both of which were performed flawlessly. Something that did surprise me about their set was that the sound was nice and clear ? the sound problems on the main stage didn?t seem to affect the second stage much, so the smaller bands didn?t face many problems. If you?re a fan of Lacuna Coil though, check out Season?s End, and keep an eye out for them playing somewhere near you.

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A. Nash of Metal Pigeon

Debut Album
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