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Live review in Rocker's Digest, May 2005

Live at The Underworld, Camden, London, Monday 7th May 2005 with Panic Cell, FourWayKill, Reckless Tide and Warchild

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"The New Blood Of British Metal & Femme Fatales Tour 2005"

When there?s a few bands playing it always seems that at least one band suffers from technical difficulties and tonight that fell upon Season?s End. Opening song Touch was blighted by problems with the issue seemingly with Becki Clark?s monitors which concluded with a trip to the sound desk. Things picked up from there on, however it appeared the bad start had wrong footed them somewhat with between song banter replaced with discussions with the sound engineer

As I had said in my recent review of Autumn, the female fronted gothic metal genre is becoming rather saturated and there has to be one or two casualties. However, with songs as strong as Ghost In My Emotion and the variety of Nothing After All, complete with pedal to the floor section, Season?s End are one of the best bands of this genre our country has to offer.

Hopefully the band will get a better rub of the green for their mainstage Bloodstock appearance in September.

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