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Tim Goatham - Guitar

Birthdate:  17th June 1987

Other Interests:  Tea, Insomnia, Films, boobs and not having to wake up in the morning.

Gear:  Schecter C-7 Hellraiser, Ibanez RG7420, Ibanez RG2500ex, Ozark "Eagle" Semi-Acoustic, H&S 6string Bass, BOSS GT8, Peavey Valveking Half stack.

Best Qualities:  Everything!

Likes:  Music, music Production, more music, music is all I do - how sad - OH and tea!

Dislikes:  Music that is made purely to see profit and has no feeling or passion, Football, Football players (even more than the game), Intolerance, Being cold, Alcohol, Drugs, People who don't accept other peoples choices, Being a penniless bum, talentless celebrities, reality tv, Women who constant bitch about diets they CHOOSE to be on, "the Media" (newspapers and gossip mags), Dragonforce.

Favourite Books:  His Dark Materials the books pwn the films (The golden compass)

Favourite Musicians:  Dimebag, John Petrucci, Devin Townsend, Dave Martone, Tommy Emmanuel, Jean Baudin, Chris Broderick, Sigur Ros

Favourite Albums:  Terria by Devin Townsend (Life changing!), Alien by Strapping Young Lad, Six Degrees by Dream Theater, Pulse by Pink Floyd.

Favourite Films:  Sweeney Todd (2007), The Boondock Saints, Amadeus, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Favourite Actors:  Johnny Depp!! NO ONE puts as much passion and feeling into their roll as that dude!

Favourite Drink:  Tea!

Best Live Gig:  So far - Dream Theater on Chaos in Motion Tour '07

Last updated 10 February 2008

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