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gentian [website]

woowoo i cudnt get to your last gig at the railway but according to alot of people you were wel amazing you gotta do some more there.jst heard to sample tracks:) well done keep up the good work gentian

fourmarks, Friday 2nd o January 2004 at 9:12pm [reply]


The best gig I went to was on the 28th of November in Winchester you are a brilliant band you guys are amazing! Oh by the way if David or Dean want to contact Theatres Des Vampires for some shows again the keyboard players email is Amazing show pity I didn't ask you to play A Drowned Canvas we all wanted to hear David GROWL!!!!!! All the best

Hampshire (The Home Of The Best Gothic Metal Band, Monday 29th o December 2003 at 10:16pm [reply]

Billy Tin-Bath

I thought I had a fairly sound knowledge of the UK Metal Underground but your band has hit me like a bolt from the blue! Everything about the group from the web site to the all important music bodes a long and succesful career for Season's End. Such professionalism and commitment to excellence demands to be saluted. All the best for the future.

Manchesteropolis, Monday 22nd o December 2003 at 5:23pm [reply]

The Choir Invisible

Hi guys, just heard your sample tracks and I'm very impressed and hope that you are very pleased with yourselves! Keep up the good work, and stay in contact. Tim

Bookshop!, Wednesday 10th o December 2003 at 8:04pm [reply]


Tobz showed me this site, you guys are really cool! hope to be seeing you soon!

Winchester, Thursday 4th o December 2003 at 9:44pm [reply]

Tobz [website]

hey, i found this site by chance, and what a lucky one that was, you lot are out of this world, you have sumed up all my fav types of music into 1! best of luck with everything, ill be sure to check you live soon!

winchester, Thursday 4th o December 2003 at 3:13pm [reply]

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