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soph [website]

hey! nice site, just downloading an mp3. contact me re review for ok, cheers. Soph

bristol, Monday 19th o January 2004 at 9:50pm [reply]


ure nusics gr8 love the website

Sunday 18th o January 2004 at 4:04pm [reply]


Yay!! I love the new wbsite :) You'll be getting an order from me v. soon. David is so cute!!! (That got three exclamation marks, be afraid mate)

Nowhere Special, Friday 16th o January 2004 at 9:50pm [reply]

A Non

Hello, well done on the gig on the 28th. I would have commented earlyer but i have only just found your site. What was up with that monkey on the sound desk, it seemed to get better as the gig went on. Are yellow basses not metal? Even old fenders?

Thursday 15th o January 2004 at 7:25pm [reply]


To the drummer (sorry i dont know your name)- i think your really good looking. Ive only just got into the gothic scene, and have come accros your website by accident. Make sure you let me know when your next gig is as your website only mentions a tour in 2004 then maybe I will come along to meet you in person. Love Jason XXX

Glenmore, Thursday 15th o January 2004 at 12:18pm [reply]

Cleo and avril

Ahh.....not many people have signed have they? Poor goths :'(

Alldashit, Sunday 11th o January 2004 at 7:21pm [reply]

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